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Security and Compliance Services

A Cybersecurity consulting company, SSA Compliance has been working in cybersecurity since 2019. We offer a comprehensive approach to security testing beyond penetration testing to promptly identify security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure or applications.

Our Services

Our Services

Our team can help you get a deep insight into your IT environments cybersecurity state and provide you with specific recommendations to strengthen the protection of your IT infrastructure or its components.

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Our team helps gauge what an attacker could achieve with initial access to your network. An internal network pen test can mirror insider threats, such as employees intentionally or unintentionally performing malicious actions.

External Network Penetration Testing

Our team tests the effectiveness of perimeter security controls to prevent and detect attacks as well as identifying weaknesses in internet-facing assets such as web, mail and FTP servers.

Web Application Testing

Our team assesses the susceptibility of your web app to various attacks following Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 Application Security Risks.

Threat Risk Assessment

Our team analyzes your organization and software system for vulnerabilities, examines potential threats associated with those vulnerabilities, and evaluates the resulting security risks.

PCI-DSS Consulting

Our team prepares and manages your organization through PCI compliance to ensure that you are compliant within time and scope

Security Engineering

Our team provides the tools, techniques, and advice for designing a successful, integrated security system that anticipates future threats.

Managed Services

We offer Managed Security Service aimed at providing organizations with a cost-efficient model of achieving Information Security monitoring.

Support Consulting

Our team analyzes your business and cybersecurity needs and helps you make strategic decisions on the fast and successful implementation of business-critical solutions.


"They provided the test reports in a very readable format. Allowed my team prioritize and remediate the issues found with solid understanding"

Chuks Fortune
CEO of Puzzerax

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